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 About this Product

Emergency service workers have a great new tool for patient care. COMFORT ZONE is a compact, lightweight and affordable portable blanket warming system that plugs into any 110v outlet and can easily run off of an inverter. COMFORT ZONE fills a long-standing void in the EMS community allowing them the ability to utilize a warm blanket during times of need. This has previously only been an option at larger hospitals.

COMFORT ZONE is a great tool for hypothermia, shock, low blood-flow, nervous or anxious patients, new births, water rescue, and much more. COMFORT ZONE is designed with EMS in mind with its compact design (18,2" x 13.4" x 6.7") and low power consumption. Across the nation, COMFORT ZONE is currently being used in ambulances, helicopters, fire/rescue trucks, MASS trailers, etc. Includes two blankets and case